The Journey

Roller coasters

This not about a physical roller coaster, this is about the mental roller coaster ride. The ups and downs inside the head.

I have been on this roller coaster for almost a year now. The ups, downs, twists and curves. Many life events have happened this past year.  I am hoping it is going to end soon.  The extremes anyway.  
We have moved across country and are getting ready to move again (not so far this time).  Going home.  It’s been a long journey to get this far. Good and bad. We lost a loved one at Christmas time. 3 major life events in just one short year. It definitely causes ups and downs. 

Roller coaster rides can be fun, scared, sad and happy. Someone with bipolar can definitely relate as we seem to have more of the ups and downs compared to someone without a mental illness.  Sometimes you don’t know where that curve is and it takes you by surprise.  Maybe there is a loop in the ride.  Scary.  Just hang on and remember to breathe. Buckle up, it may be a long ride or just a short one. You can never tell.  Sometimes it is like you think it is coming to an end but it is just getting ready for the next hill.  

How do we survive these rides?  Grounding techniques, long deep breaths, journaling, aromatherapy, therapy and talking to your doctor.  Those are just a few to name.  There are so many more techniques out there.  Pick some, try some.  You might be surprised at the calming effect they can have.  It helps you get through that next hill, twist or loop. 

I would love to hear what works for you during these rides.  I am compiling a list of techniques to post soon. Please comment and share.  Visit my Facebook page The Bipolar Momster.  Stay strong! 


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