The Journey


If you decided to take meds to help you through, then kudos to you. Medication may not be for everyone. Let me just say I am not a doctor and am not giving health advice. I am only sharing my experience and what I have seen. 

When I got diagnosed it was suggested that I try medication. I was desperate to do anything to feel somewhat “normal.”  As if normal even exists.  I know that I didn’t want to feel depressed everyday and didn’t want to feel like giving up all the time.  It took awhile for the medication to work. I was lucky that we didn’t have to try a bunch of different combinations of medicines. The first ones I was prescribed worked. I guess the doctor knew what he was doing.  I started to feel like the old me. Happy, up, and somewhat normal again.  I still had my bad days but they didn’t bottom out as it did when I was not medicated.  

I have been on medication for 9 years now and there were times I ran out and relapsed hard.  A few adjustments to the medication and the normalacy returned.  I still have my bad days on the medication but they don’t normally last as long and it doesn’t hit rock bottom.  I still fall pretty hard depending on the circumstances surrounding me at the time.  I hear about alternative medication or all natural remedies.  I researched it and it seems the bad outweighs the good.  I have to make adjustments throughout the years.  We have added some for the anxiety but it is still a work in progress.

I hope if you have reached bottom that you seek out professional help and try medication. It may be the right thing for you.  Please comment your experiences.  Stay strong! 


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