The Journey

A New Year

Normally it is time to reflect and to make resolutions.  A lot happens every year. Good or bad.  I am just glad to have survived another year.  My resolution? To survive another year.
I am trying to reflect on only the good and not the negative things that happened last year. It can be so difficult.  So many of each happened last year. Good and bad. 
 I don’t understand a lot of things. It feels like prayers go unanswered and another day passes. Time is fleeting.  I try to make the most of most days but sometimes I just don’t want to get out of bed.  I do make myself get up and get dresses for the day, even if I don’t go anywhere.  Being stuck in a somewhat small town with no big towns close by, makes it hard.  I don’t mind living in a small town but need to be close to a city that have options. Hopefully this year we can make that change.

I find it so hard to breathe this year. The anxiety is on the rise and I have to figure out how to fix it. Not sure how but I am trying to remain hopeful. To a new year. Stay strong.


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