The Journey

Wanting something more…

This time of year is always hard for someone that has bipolar, depression, anxiety, etc. Christmas time is supposed to be filled with magic and wonder. I suppose it is for most people that aren’t suffering from mental illnesses.  I watch Christmas movies to have hope that the magic is still there.  I wish Santa was real and won’t leave me out. I get up on Christmas hoping that one present is there for me in hopes to feel good. To feel something better.


I know the importance of being surrounded by family, but this year is harder than most.  The family is split up and I’m not where I want to be. I feel like someone played a cruel joke on me and I want to wake from this nightmare.  The sadness doesn’t disappear with the holidays, in some ways it gets worse. It gets colder and the days are still short. It’s hard to really shake the funk. Waiting for warmer weather is something to look forward to.  

You are not alone. Stay strong. We can beat this and get through it. 

Or text Start to 741-741. Sometimes texting is easier than talking. I know, I’ve used it. 


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