The Journey

When life throws you a curve ball…

When life throws you a curve ball what do you do? You swing and either miss or hit the ball.  If you miss, try again. Learn where the curve is going so you won’t miss again.  If you hit, run for it.  Go after the bases to get home.  It feels good when you make contact with the ball.  Life is going to throw you curve ball every now and then.  If you miss the curve, don’t cry and stop trying.  Keep up to the plate and get ready to swing again.  The only out in life is death, but don’t let it come to you by giving up.  Let it come naturally.  

I know how hard it is to get up in the morning.  Do it! Get up and get dressed from head to toes.  You may not go anywhere and that is okay.  If the need arises to go somewhere, you are ready to go.  If you can’t do it today, that’s okay, tomorrow is another day.  If you are dressed, at least you are ready to face some of the day.  

Keep moving. Go forward or backwards, but keep moving.  It is harder to hit a moving target.  The more idle you are the more the depression sets in. Do something.  Even if it is coloring a book, doing the dishes or getting dressed, but do something.  Go outside (if it is sunny) and soak up the sunshine. If it is raining, go out in the rain and cry (or laugh).  If you are crying when it is raining, no one can see the tears.  Your life is important.  It may not feel that way but there is a plan for you.  God has a plan for everyone, even me. Sure, you may see it or understand it yet, but there will be a time that you are needed. 

The obstacles life throw us can be overcome.  Sure, some are tougher than others to get through but get through them, you can.  It may exhausting or even exhilarating.  Whatever you do, don’t give up! Stay strong. 


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