The Journey

Grey Skies

Do grey skies bring you down?We need those grey skies. The Earth needs to be covered by clouds and hopefully it brings rain. 

Flowers cannot grow and bloom without rain. Trees and vegetables cannot grow without rain. They shine brighter in the sun because of those cloudy, rainy days. God brings us through the storm, after it is all over the sky is beautiful for it. The skies open up, the sun shines through and sometimes there is a rainbow because of it.
If you are fortunate enough to live where there is a lot of greenery, everything becomes a more and brighter green. Have you ever watched the trees when it rains? Right before it rains the trees flip their leaves in preparation for the rain. We are in the Appalacia region and I noticed the other day the trees during one of the rains. They were dancing. Some were really moving and bending, others were just swaying. It was a beautiful thing to watch. I didn’t see the rain or grey skies as depressing but uplifting and joyous. 
I can go through so many emotions in one day. I will wake up in an okay mood, then happy, then sad, then being totally mad at the world then maybe back to happy. It is like having all four seasons living within you trying to come out at once.
Grey skies eventually go away and the sun will come out. Different regions have different kinds of flowers that require different amounts of rain and sunlight. If you live somewhere where the sun isn’t always prevalent then get some sunlight bulbs. Bring the sunshine indoors. It really helps the mood. 

Please comment and share how you get through grey days. Stay strong!


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