The Journey


I haven’t written in awhile. Been busy traveling and moving. Still not sure where we will end up, but God is in control. On this journey I thought a lot about forgiveness. I hope you enjoy.  

Forgive.: to stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) : to stop blaming(someone) 

: to stop feeling anger about (something) : to forgive someone for (something wrong) 

: to stop requiring payment of (money that is owed)

Such a small word with a powerful meaning. Just because you forgive someone doesn’t mean you will forget. The scar still remains. A scar is a reminder of the hurt and pain that we endured. 
I have done many wrong things in my life and will probably do some more dumb, wrong things. People have hurt me and it has angered me. But I have acknowledged when I have done wrong and asked for forgiveness from those who mattered. You know what? They forgave me. It was a weight lifted from me. But I have learned forgiveness. I have let go of the anger and you know what else? I felt better. I felt relieved and that I could move on with my life. I was only making myself miserable. Those who angered me didn’t care what I was feeling or going through. I ended up only damaging myself. Wow! That was a revelation. 
We are not perfect people, nor can we ever be. There was only one perfect being, Jesus. He died so I could live. I struggle everyday with being okay. Some days are better than others. I am flawed and that is okay. I am slowly accepting that there are things I cannot do and there are things beyond my control. I have turned control over to the one who can control my life and have accepted it. God. He is the one in control, not me and I am okay with that. 


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