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Dandelions are beautiful


Spring time is here and it is time that you start seeing dandelions everywhere.  You think they are a weed and must be killed? When I look at a dandelion I see strength and beauty.  In the midst of all the green there is this bright yellow piece of sunshine.  You might be asking what do you see in a weed?  Let me tell you.

1. Strength

The roots of a dandelion are deep which makes it hard to kill.  Flowers that are beautiful don’t always have the deep roots to keep sustaining life.  You can pull a dandelion up, but unless you dig up all the roots or use a weed killer, it is going to come back and be even stronger.  How deep are your roots?  When things get tough do you dig down deep to keep surviving?  I know in my darkest of days, it does not feel like it.  I want someone to dig me up or be put out of my misery, but there is something deep, deep down inside that wants to go on living.

2. Sustenance

The leaves and roots can be eaten or made in to tea.  It can be made in to herbal medicine to sustain us.  There are so many uses for the leaves and roots to help sustain us or heal us in life.  Even after the flower has gone, the leaves and roots still have use.  We can help others like us heal and help us give sustenance to others.  We are not useless in our mental illness.  We can use our talents or creative skills to help others like us.  Our family, friends and doctors are our sustenance to getting through difficult times.

3. Beauty

How is a dandelion beautiful? In its early stages, it is bright, bold and beautiful in a sea of green.  It holds its head up to the sky.  After the bloom it is soft, billowy and white.  Even though it is considered a “weed” it is still beautiful, just as you are beautiful.  There is beauty in a smile that comes across your face when you laugh.  Even though. we feel, as though we are “flawed,” we are beautiful.  Nothing can take that away.  When the sun comes out, stand in it and feel the warmth on your face.  It feels beautiful, just as you are.

4. Endurance

Dandelions endure storms, rain, sunshine and many other weather conditions.  After the storm, they are usually the first bright thing you see.  When they are at the end of their bloom, they generate many seeds to be blown and planted somewhere else.  Maybe miles away.  You hold your breath, make a wish and blow on a dying dandelion.  When that one is gone they usually come back stronger.  Normally if you see one there are many more to be found, usually close by.  God has made everything for a purpose, even the dandelion.  You have a purpose to not to give up and keep going.  Maybe it is to help someone like you, maybe it is for someone you will soon meet, the possibilities are endless on what you can do.  Just as the dandelion.

There is beauty in the most unlikely places, even the weeds.  Dandelions stand out, shine bright, but stand together.  We, that suffer from bipolar, depression, mania, anxiety, ptsd and much more, need to strengthen our roots, be beautiful in our own way, sustain ourselves and endure the long hard race of life.  Just because you don’t see a dandelion in the winter, doesn’t mean it’s not there.  It is just strengthening its roots for the next season.  It will be stronger and harder to kill.  When you feel at your weakest, remember God is there helping you strengthen your roots and when the season passes, you will be stronger and brighter.  If you ever need a reminder of this, please feel free to email me and we can weather the storm or just get through the season.  The darkness will pass and that little yellow flower (that you thought of just a weed) will be there.

Please feel free to comment or email me if you need someone to listen.  I may not always be seen, but I will be there, just as the dandelion.


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